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Online Dating Tips 101 The Online Dating Site That Has Your Safety In Mind!

Online Dating Sites Make It Fun And Easy To Find That Special Someone Although For Some Online Dating Sites Can Be Very Intimidating.

  If You Follow The Online Dating Tips That We Share With You We Are Certain That You Will Have A Terrific Experience And You Just Might Find Your Perfect Match.

Online dating is the most convenient way for single people to find other single people looking for love or special friendship. Online dating saves you the hassles of meeting up with the wrong person in the typical bar hoping scene!

Dating Tips 101 is more than just an Online Dating Site we offer some of the best dating tips for any situation. Whenever your meeting someone new safety should always be at the top of your mind and unlike the majority of dating sites online we care about your safety first and foremost.

We have created this site so we could offer some of the best dating tips keeping safety in mind. However this site is not restricted to just teaching you safe dating tips, as you read through this page you will find sections specific to gender or age with all types of dating advice.

At Dating Tips 101 we help you to add a new Spark to your dating habits and we are confident that with our vast array of Online Dating Sites to choose from you are certain to find that special someone.
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Why Use An Online Dating Site ?

There are so many single people who just do not have the time it takes or the desire to get out there on the social scene to meet new and interesting people. This is where online dating comes in, being one of the leading Online Dating Sites we make it easy and safe for single people to meet and interact with other singles eliminating the pressure of blind dates. is just one of our many online dating sites, we make it almost effortless for you to find the type of person you might be looking for. If you’re looking to connect with Christian singles you will definitely want to checkout our Christian Mingles site. You will find all our individual dating sites listed along the sides of this page which will help you to narrow down your search for Misses or Mister Right.

At online dating you can search for single people based on your likes and dislikes, you set the  criteria for the type of person you would like to meet. Thanks to our Online Dating Service you are saved the hassle of the first layer of the screening process. Online Dating performs a thorough screening of all new members which helps to weed out the felons and married people allowing you to spend more time finding that perfect match.

Dating Tips 101 offers many dating tips to help make your online dating experience both safe and exciting.
Online Dating Tips

Make Your Online Dating Experience Enjoyable Visit The Dating Site That Best Suits Your Needs And Wants.

As popular as Online Dating has become people still need to proceed with an air of caution.

Read through some of our Online Dating Tips that will open your mind to some of the safety precautions you should be aware of when meeting up with someone you have found a connection through one of our Online Dating Sites.

We put together Dating Tips 101 because we care about your safety!

Dating Tips 101 Online Dating Tips For Women Keeping Safety In Mind!

For women safer dating is smarter dating and preparation is one of the most important steps.

The feeling of excitement and optimism should never take the place of common sense.

To follow are some online dating tips that you should consider to help protect yourself when meeting up with someone from an Online Dating site:

  • First off you should always have your cell phone with you at all times and make sure you have programmed into your phone the number of someone you are certain will be home if you need to call. Having the number of your local taxi service programmed into your phone is also a good idea, just in the date is not going as well as you had hoped and you may need an exit plan.
  • Before you even consider going on the date you should have the complete name, phone number and address of the person you will be meeting up with. Online dating sites are the perfect place for predators to hang out, but if you follow our online dating tips you will do just fine.
  • Do a little research of your own, simple things like researching the name of your date on the Internet. You should also be certain that the personal information they give you such as their address and phone number are their real information. Most online dating sites require a thorough profile to be filled out so be sure to look up the information that is supplied in their profile.
  • You should definitely give all the details of your date to a friend or family member, such as their address and phone number and where you will be going for the evening.
  • In reality though you should have built up quite a relationship with the person you intend on meeting through the chat options that all online dating sites offer.

Even though caution is necessary don’t allow it to take away from the experience of meeting someone new for the first time. At Dating Tips 101 we do our best to see that ALL our members have a positive experience right from the start.

At our Online Dating Site you can meet thousands of single men and women and we make it safe and easy with our thorough screening process making it easier on you for trusting the online profiles.

Just click on the banner within this article that best meets your specific wants or needs and you be will taken straight to the dating site of your choice with the confidence in knowing that ALL of our sites adhere to our profile safety measures.

Online Dating Tips

Dating Tips 101 Online Dating Tips For Guys!

Guys came come across a lot of dating tips as they search the Internet and this can really leave you being even more unsure of what to. Some advice is better than others and it’s up to you to decide what you feel most comfortable with. You may find that you have to try a few different ways of going about it but if you keep going and do not give up, you can be dating in no time.

Dating Tips 101 tries to offer real life, comprehensive Online Dating Tips.

  • The first step is to get out there and make yourself available to meet new and interesting women. You cannot just sit at home and expect a date to fall from the sky. This is where an online dating site could come in handy, it’s an excellent way of meeting a number of different women.
  • Trusting in yourself is a big part of being able to get off the couch and really build your confidence. You are most likely going to have to meet quite a few women to help you determine what you are really looking for but the more women you interact with the more confident you will be with your decision.
  • Once you have made yourself available, you have to do the work online dating sites can bring people together but after that it is up to you. When you meet and talk to women you need to be genuinely interested in what she is saying. This is one of the best online dating tips for guys.
  • You do not want to be parrot to a woman, but you should repeat some things back to her so she knows you are listening and truly interested in what she is saying. Listening is a skill that you will develop over time as you interact with a variety of women.
  • Another great online dating tip for guys is to use romance. This is what women love and it’s a great way to begin any new relationship. Flowers, dinner, and anything else you can think of can set you apart from the rest and leave a memorable, lasting impression.
  • As a guy you will come across a ton of online dating tips in your search but you should really pick and chose those that are personal to you. Do not make this harder than it has to be, let it come naturally and it will appear natural. Being you is something that pays off in the long run as well. This is equally important when you are involved with someone on an online dating site.
  • One important aspect about women that you should never forget is that they are all extremely unique, so don’t allow yourself to become easily discouraged. At Online Dating Tips 101 we encourage men to have the confidence to approach any women but we also suggest you try out online dating sites as they can help you to display your true personality without the pressure of being right there in front of your date.
  • Again this all comes back to you becoming a really good listener because if you pay enough attention to the woman you are with I think you will find that she will tell you what she likes and expects and it is then your job to fulfill those needs or wants. Even if you are only speaking with her through an online dating site listening to her is just as important.
  • You do not want to fall into the belief that you have to spend a lot of money to be romantic. Romance comes in many forms, it could just be leaving her a sweet personal note or surprising her with a night out to see a movie that she had mentioned she would like to see.
  • One thing you don’t want to do is make it more complicated than it has to be, sometimes it is best to just let things happen naturally if you do this I think you will find that everything will just fall into place. Be sure to sign up for some more great dating tips just below.
  • Be CONFIDENT! A little confidence can go a long way! Women really love a man who believes in himself and demonstrates that he knows where he is going in life. If you are not usually a confident person this is the time to start building confidence in yourself and the things you do, and in the worst case scenario fake it if you have to.
  • The bottom line is, dating can be tough but you should not let that stop you from getting out there and making it happen because it is a whole lot worse being lonely. This is another reason online dating sites can be the perfect solution.
  • The most important thing is that you should not make it any harder than it has to be, the more you worry about it and the more you try to prepare for it, the harder it will be in the long run. Just follow these online dating tips and you will be fine.
  • Dating should be fun and exciting not stiff and rigid so loosen up, get out there and meet some interesting women. Remember though it’s not a race allow yourself to meet a lot of different women so you have a real chance to find exactly what you are looking for in a companion.
  • Finally, online dating sites are a terrific way of getting to meet a wide range of women and the majority of online dating sites do a terrific job in helping you to find someone who fits your lifestyle. Dating Tips 101 has reviewed many online dating sites and we found our dating sites to be the4 most sincere in their efforts to really screen out the bad apples.

There you go guys, now that you know what you’re doing it’s time to take the plunge! Armed with these dating tips you should have no problems or fears when it comes to dating online or off.

There is no better place to start then at Dating Tips 101 Online Dating Site as we make is easy to find that hot, sexy date that you have been looking for.

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Dating Tips 101 Online Dating Tips For Women!

It is not as easy as most men would believe it to be when it comes to women and the game of dating. Sometimes it is the women that has the real challenge on her hands when it comes to dating, more so than the men.

With women there are a lot more things that can go wrong with a date and things get even worse when the men in the picture are really out of touch when it comes to things like dating and relationships.

When a women starts a new relationship she really has to keep her radar intact because if you are not careful it is easy to get caught up with the wrong type of guy. This is what makes Online Dating Sites so great you really have the time to get to know someone.

Some of the things women should look out for when dating different men are the following:

Abusive men! This includes all types of abuse physical and mental. The patterns of a potentially abusive partner are easy to spot if you know what to look for and it does not usually take very long for some of the signs to begin to show.

The first thing you should be aware of is how clingy the guy seems to be, but it is a good idea to do some research on the subject just to help you be certain not to overlook some of the more obvious signs. At Dating Tips 101 we want for you to have the best possible dating experience and that is why we recommend you try Online Dating to get started.

Something that single women should consider is the probability of meeting up with a single dad. With the divorce rate being over 50% the chances are much higher that you will run across more single dads than just single men and when you date a single dad with kids you are dating the kids as well as the dad.

This is why Online Dating Sites can be so nice, they give you the chance to learn all you can about the person you may potentially date.

A major problem in our culture is the use of drugs and dating a guy that is using drugs brings along a whole other set of problems. So you single women should be on the lookout for any sign of drug use. You might also want to beware of someone who used to use drugs because a recovering drug addict will bring along many challenges to a new relationship.

If you are a single mom and you are beginning to date again you should educate yourself on how to deal with your children when it comes to a new man being in your life.

You should tell the guy you plan on dating that you have children before you go on that first date and watch his reaction very carefully as this can tell you a lot about his character.

Using Online Dating Sites is a terrific way to get yourself back into the dating scene. Just be sure to follow our Online Dating Tips.

Online Dating Tips 101

To follow are eight terrific Online Dating Tips that every women should follow when she meets a new guy.

  • There are certain subjects that should be avoided at all cost. Don’t ever talk about your last boyfriend, fiancé’ or ex-husband if you do your date will no doubt believe that you are either still hung up on the guy or that you are a bitter angry person that carries her feelings forward with herself. What ever the situation is it will absolutely turn the guy off and the chances of a second date are pretty much shot.
  • This may sound rather simple especially when it comes to dating someone new, but the bottom line is you should just try to be yourself. I am not saying to pull out all the stops and come on hard as a sex starved rabbit….even though this may be your case. Just use some logic, present yourself as you are in your every day life because if you try to be more than you really are and you elaborate on stories the truth will eventually come out and then he will resent you for being dishonest.
  • Probably one of the most overlooked characteristics of men is that they like to take things slower than women usually do. The guy you’re dating may seem like the greatest guy on Earth and he may have everything you’re looking for in a guy and inside you might just feel like he is “the one.” Regardless of how you feel you do not want to rush things, don’t start talking about your future together after the second or third date because you will make him feel trapped and he will go running for the exit.
  • If things are going terrific just enjoy that you don’t want to jeopardize something that could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you by trying to rush things. Just remember guys do not want to feel like you are considering them as a potential life partner within just a few dates with each other. At Online Dating Tips 101 we really recommend trying out an Online Dating Site first as it gives you much more control over the entire dating situation.

At One of Our Online Dating Sites You Can Find That Special Person!

Dating does not have to be hard nor should it be. Dating should be fun, something you look at with optimism and excitement! Online Dating Sites can make the whole process that much more exciting as you get to meet so many different people and really learn so much about them. At Dating Tips 101 you will find that type of exciting, fun environment you should give it a try today!

I bet you thought I forgot but you would be wrong because here are the last five top dating tips for women.

This dating tip you might think is not all that important at first but trust me…It is! If the gentlemen you are with gives you a compliment ACCEPT IT! So many people have such a difficult time with just accepting compliments.

If your date compliments on how nice your dress looks or how pretty you look you should just be gracious and say “thank you.” When you receive a compliment you should never cut yourself down or accuse him of “Just saying that.”

You would be surprised at how much this turns a guy off, he is not interested in hearing you put yourself down or he doesn’t want to listen to any stories about where you got your dress or your hair done he would just simply like to be thanked for noticing that you do look nice.

Actually when you can just accept a compliment graciously it shows you as being very self-confident and comfortable with yourself and many guys find that very attractive. So just keep it to a simple “Thank you.”

This bit of advise goes for both men and women, you should always be on time. It does not matter if your meeting your date somewhere or if he is picking you up, it is just not very thoughtful or polite to keep someone waiting, and don’t think for a minute that it just builds the anticipation because it does not it is just plain rude.

Whether you are on a date in person or if you are involved with an Online Dating Site you should always have an opinion of your own and you should not be afraid to express it. Some women will just go along with anything and everything their date says believing that this will somehow cause him to like you more.

While that might flatter his ego at first it won’t be long before he becomes bored with it and he will begin to think that you are incapable of having an intelligent conversation.

Bottom line is if you disagree with something your date says just simply express your opinion, don’t turn it into an argument just have an open and honest conversation if you follow that advise I guarantee you that your date will find you more interesting.

This next one is a tough one for a lot of women and men alike to follow. Don’t be a pest! If you had a nice evening there is nothing wrong with calling in a few days to say thank you and to let him know that you enjoyed the evening. What you don’t want to do is call him the next day and leave a message and then the next day and leave another message and so on.

This bit of advise goes for Online Dating Sites also, if you happen to meet someone online and you had a nice conversation but you don’t receive any reply after leaving one or two messages then just let it go if he is really interested he will get in touch with you.

When you repeatedly call and leave numerous messages you are giving him the impression that you are desperate and needy and it shows a lack of confidence in yourself which is a turn off. Men don’t like to be pressured they like to do things at their own speed and if this is something that bothers you then the match wasn’t right to begin with.

A great piece of dating advice is to be positive and upbeat, be prepared to enjoy the evening or the conversation. When your on a date with a guy you just recently met you don’t want to start unloading all your troubles on him, he is not interested in what a jerk your boss is or how your mother drives you crazy, trust me that is a huge turn off. He is expecting to have a nice enjoyable evening so you should put all your troubles aside for the night and just enjoy yourself.

Having a positive attitude will go a long way when it comes to developing a relationship. This is very important when you are involved with someone from an Online Dating Site as well because guys are looking to meet someone who is upbeat and positive so you don’t want to scare off some potential winners.

These Online Dating Tips should really help you find that special someone. Keep the following three important components to successful dating in mind.

  • Keep the fun in your dating!
  • Get excited about meeting new people!
  • Be positive and upbeat!

We hope you find these Online Dating Tips from Dating Tips 101 helpful and they bring a lot more fun and enthusiasm into your Online Dating experience!

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We have put together Dating Tips 101 to help make your dating experiences much more enjoyable and much safer and we hope that you follow the advice we’ve shared with whenever you visit an Online Dating Site whether it is one of ours or not.

Be sure to visit Dating Tips 101 often because we will continue to bring you even more dating advice and you will find some special offers and coupons to use on anyone of our many Online Dating Sites, visit here to learn more about Dating Tips 101 Online Dating.